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Be an ARIN Abortion Recovery Consultant / Professional


Abortion Recovery InterNational is developing two professional designations for those who work with individuals and families affected by abortion. The Abortion Recovery Consultant and Abortion Recovery Professional Designations will provide credibility when working with clients affected by the abortion experience. It will acknowledge your integrity and dedication to this very special field of mental health. It will give special accolades to our ARIN Affiliates who have studied various topics through online training, coursework, local training session or through national or international conferences.

The ARC/P Designations will have different levels for peer counselors, clergy and professional therapists. Continued Education Units (CEU's) will be awarded for specific workshops/classes taken based on the International Association for Continuing Education and Training guidelines. 

We're are working out the details of this opportunity and have more information available by Summer 2013! 


  • 6 hours of Foundational Training by ARIN Staff or an ARIN Approved Trainer.
  • 14 hours of Elective Training by ARIN Staff or an ARIN Approved Trainer - either on the Consultant or Professional Level
  • Attendance at the ARIN Leaders Symposium, ARIN Regional Training or approved other training venue once every two years.
  • Additional 20 hours of Elective Abortion Recovery Training (Consultant or Professional Level) every two years to maintain Abortion Recovery Consultant / Professional Designations.



  • Abortion Recovery 101: 
Establishing an Abortion Recovery Center / Program
  • Abortion Recovery 201: 
Equipping an Abortion Recovery Center / Program


  • Abortion as Trauma*
  • Abortion and Cultural Differences
  • Abortions Impact on Women, Men and Relationships*
  • Abortion Recovery for Teens and Twenties
  • Addictions: Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  • Addressing the Media
  • Church Relations
  • Community Relationships
  • Complicated Grief after Abortion
  • Counseling Siblings & Grandparents
  • Developing Prison Ministries
  • Development of Abortion Recovery Programs for Men*
  • Domestic Violence and Abortion
  • Eating Disorders
  • Forgiveness Therapy for Men and Women*
  • Guilt & Shame Responses
  • Keeping Up With Abortion Related Research
  • Impact of Abortion on Intimate Relationship Dynamics
  • Internet Ministry: Chat Rooms & Forums
  • Legal Responses
  • Marketing Your Abortion Recovery Center / Program
  • Maternal-Fetal Attachment, Perinatal Loss and Parenting Problems*
  • Misinformed Consent and Abortion*
  • Overview of the Research on Men and Abortion*
  • Personally Speaking ~ Telling Your Own Abortion Story
  • Personality Traits and Body Language
  • Psychological Effects of Abortion on Men*
  • Psychological Processes of Interpersonal Forgiveness, Self-Forgiveness and Receiving Forgiveness*
  • Quality of Scientific Evidence Linking Abortion to Mental Health Problems*
  • Reaching Men Affected by Abortion
  • Responding to the Sexually Abused Client
  • Sexual Health Issues
  • Sharing Stories of Abortion’s Aftermath
  • Small Group Leadership
  • The Trauma of Abortion
  • Treatment of Post-Abortion Grief and Trauma*

* professional level electives


Attendance once every two years is required to continue the ARC/P Designations.



ARIN Partnership with Master's

Certificate in Abortion Recovery Counseling

Abortion Recovery InterNational has partnered with Master's International School of Divinity ( to develop a Certificate in Abortion Recovery Counseling. This certificate program allows affiliates of ARIN to achieve a certificate in Abortion Recovery Counseling.

ARIN members qualify for a 20% tuition discount on the Certificate Program.

Affiliates of Abortion Recovery InterNational may apply for a Certificate in Abortion Recovery Counseling through ARIN and MISD. Click here for class information:

Abortion Recovery Counseling Courses

  • Introduction to Pregnancy Counseling PC-201
  • Biblical Response to Abortion & the Church AC-201
  • Post-Abortion Counseling PA-401
  • Ministering to Men After Abortion MA-401
  • Counseling the Woman of Trauma CW-201

For further information regarding our certificate program feel free to contact:

Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc., Stacy Massey:



ARIN, Inc. and our affiliates encourage individuals and families affected by reproductive loss to have completed a recovery program PRIOR to
involving themselves in any type of speaking, leadership, legal, research or activism opportunity. See our Principles of Care for further information!

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